the rustic bazaar, 2021

As immigrants, we’ve had to pave our own paths by any means available to us. The lands we’ve crossed have been on unstable terrain and the air often times unpredictable, but the journey that’s led us to this place, the intersection of culture, fine art and artisanal fashion, is an unfiltered view into the roots we proudly carry forward and of which we pull inspiration from for the work we create. It's not often trendy or conventional, or easily digested by everyone, but it’s honest and it’s raw, and that's the embodiment of rustic-Air.

The Rustic Bazaar is an emporium in our minds, an unrestrained marketplace of calm, frustration, joy, anxiety, and all the range of emotions we as artists feel. It’s a manifestation of thoughts and ideas, channeled through every stroke of the brush or stitch of the needle -- in a chaotic back and forth played out on canvases both simple and complex. Every microscopic detail tells a story of our lives, comedies and tragedies, peaks and valleys -- a tip of the hat to our ancestors who trailed before us and a smile to forging our own roads ahead.

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